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If you are unable to get a good night’s sleep due to your own or someone else’s snoring …

Or if you, or a loved one, often wake up gasping for breath or have to continually adjust your sleeping position …

… Then this is definitely the most important letter you will read today!

Here’s why:

I’m about to reveal the secrets that will finally help you, or your loved one, stop snoring and get a good night’s sleep tonight … and tomorrow night … and the night after that … and the night after that … and so on!

But first, before we go any farther, let me ask you a quick question:

Did You Know That Snoring is Often Not Just a Minor Annoying Problem But a Symptom of a Much More Serious Health Condition?

Well, it’s true.

You see snoring can also be a symptom of 9 major health conditions, including a potentially life-threatening condition called Sleep Apnea.

Sleep Apnea is when a person involuntarily stops breathing while asleep. It is Sleep Apnea that causes a snorer to breathe so heavily, not to mention loudly.

Sleep Apnea is also what causes a person to wake up gasping, or to continually adjust their sleeping position over and over throughout the night resulting in a lack of deep rest, which has a cumulative degenerative effect on a person, affecting their mood, temperament, and ability to focus, concentrate and be a productive individual.

And that’s why if you or a loved one currently snores, I urge you to continue reading this letter to discover the ebook that contains all the tips and information you need to know to stop snoring … without undergoing any risky surgery!

Introducing “Quit Snoring Now: Take Back Your Nights!”

At last, there’s a well-researched, well-written ebook that is jam-packed with the techniques and secrets you need to know to stop snoring and begin enjoying restful sleep!

  • Here is just some of what you will learn:
  • What snoring really is – and why it only occurs when we are sleeping!
  • What causes some people to snore louder than others – you may be very surprised at what you read here!
  • Who snores the most and why – plus, the 15 most common causes of snoring!
  • 9 dangerous physical conditions that snoring may be a symptom of – if you read nothing else, you must read this important information!
  • 7 emotional problems that can be caused by snoring – and how to protect against each of them!
  • Why surgery is rarely if ever the best solution for snoring – plus, exactly what surgery for snoring entails!
  • 4 common types of surgery for snoring – and the risks of each!
  • 15 non-surgical cures for snoring – and how to select the one that is right for you!
  • 8 lifestyle changes that can put an end to your snoring – these have been around for a long time because of how successful they have been in combating snoring … discover what they are here!
  • And much, much more!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Quit Snoring Now” contains the tips, techniques and secrets you need to know to quit snoring, sleep better and begin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Snoring is often depicted as being cute, or humorous in the sense of how ridiculous a person’s snoring can be, but let’s see how funny you think it would be if you were in that position.

The following examples should give you an idea of what so many people must endure when trying to get a good night’s rest; each of these items registers at least the number of decibels as the average person who snores:

  • A gas powered lawn mower in use
  • A shop vacuum in use
  • A motorcycle in use
  • A low flying airliner
  • A chainsaw in use

Imagine trying to sleep through the noise produced by any of the above … and snoring is not like the hiccups, it does not go away as suddenly as it appeared, snoring will be a persistent issue until something is done about it, or the snorer dies in their sleep.

So don’t you owe it to yourself, and your loved ones, to get the information you need to stop snoring once and for all?

Table of Contents

  • Quit Snoring Now!1
  • Take Back Your Nights1
  • Introduction5
  • Snoring is Not Only Annoying5
  • What is The Damage?5
  • How Bad Can It Be?5
  • Snoring is a Constant Issue6
  • Why Are You Reading This?7
  • Chapter One8
  • Understanding Snoring8
  • What Factors into How Loud a Person Snores?8
  • Men Snore the Most9
  • Snoring: Causes and Amplifiers9
  • What is so Bad About Snoring?11
  • The Physical Aspects of Snoring12
  • Sleep Apnea in Depth13
  • The Emotional Aspects of Snoring14
  • Chapter Two16
  • Snoring and Surgery16
  • Snoring Does Not Equal Surgery17
  • Snoring Surgery17
  • Reasons to Deny Surgery for Snoring19
  • Overview of Surgical Procedures for Snoring20
  • Chapter Three23
  • Non-Surgical Solutions to Snoring23
  • Medicinal Solutions23
  • Devices for Snoring24
  • The Sandler Pillow™25
  • The Snore Ball25
  • Sleep Position Monitor25
  • Nasal Strips26
  • Nasal Dilators26
  • Throat Sprays26
  • Snore Stopper™27
  • Snoring Appliances27
  • Oral Appliances27
  • Tongue Retaining Appliances28
  • Mandibular Advancement Appliances28
  • Thronton Adjustable Positioners28
  • Palate Lifters28
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure29
  • Lifestyles and Snoring – Diet29
  • Allergies29
  • Weight29
  • Eating Habits29
  • Clean Living30
  • Lifestyles and Snoring – Exercise30
  • Throat Work Out30
  • Sleep Factors30
  • Snoring Therapy Alternatives31

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