1. Everyone should detoxifying their body once year
2. If you suffer from allergies, you should detoxify
3. To make detoxification easier, eliminate toxins
4. Reduce stress for easier detoxification
5. Find a detoxification program that works for you
6. Consider a juice fast to release toxins
7. Consider drinking only water for a full day each week
8. Eat more fiber
9. Drink dandelion tea
10. Drink plenty of water
11. Take a Vitamin C supplement
12. Use the sauna
13. Use a foot bath
14. Try Yoga
15. Avoid stimulants
16. Swap juice for sugar
17. Swap green tea for that coffee
18. Don’t take diet pills
19. Eat a lot of fruit
20. Eliminate red meat from your diet
21. Be prepared for headaches if you eliminate stimulants
22. If you are losing weight while detoxifying it’s normal to feel ill occasionally
23. If you start feeling ill during detoxification, avoid citrus
24. Remember that the body is often very slow to react
25. Take Amino Acid supplements
26. Try Milk Thistle
27. Know the channels of elimination
28. Change your diet first
29. Add Olive Oil
30. Eliminate preservatives
31. Consider a general cleanse
32. Consider a lymphatic massage
33. Consider a detoxification diet
34. Get plenty of fats from natural sources
35. Use Epsom salts to detoxify quicker
36. Take a probiotic supplement
37. Use antioxidant supplements
38. Take Vitamin C with bioflavanoids
39. Get lots of Enzymes
40. Watch your cholesterol
41. Watch for the herxheimer reaction
42. Before cleansing your body, cleanse your mind
43. Be prepared for emotional reactions
44. Realize that detoxification is a process of change
45. Know the symptoms of too many toxins
46. Find out if you are suffering from food allergies
47. Exercise to aid detoxification
48. Detoxify in the summer months
49. Eat more citrus fruits
50. Avoid exposure to chemicals
51. Aim for organics
52. Use apple cider in the bath for rejuvenation
53. Try a ginger and Epsom salts bath for pain relief and to assist detoxification
54. Try an Epsom salts, sea salt and sesame oil bath
55. Try an apple cider bath to relieve swelling
56. Consider a lemon and honey fast
57. Simply reduce the amount of food that you eat to detoxify
58. Understand the first step in the detoxification process
59. Understand the second step in the detoxification process
60. Talk to your doctor if you are taking any medications
61. Eat more beans
62. Focus on color
63. Substitute olive oil or canola oil for butter
64. Drink a combination of fruit and vegetable juices
65. Make juice from oranges, bananas and peaches
66. Try apple and red cabbage juice
67. Drink your water with lemon and lime
68. Add lettuce to your juices
69. Be prepared for the ‘healing crisis’
70. Try an air bath
71. Brush your skin
72. Try an intensive sauna detoxification
73. Cleans your lungs with lotus root tea
74. Avoid eating foods that are very cold
75. Drink more warm liquids
76. Avoid colonics and enemas whenever possible
77. Resume your normal diet slowly
78. Cleanse your kidneys with ginger compresses
79. Make sure to balance cleansing with strengthening
80. Avoid substances to which you are sensitive
81. Use activated charcoal to reduce the negative effects of detoxification
82. Be patient
83. Never anticipate weight loss
84. Know the benefits of chelation
85. Consider detoxification if you suffer from degenerative disorders
86. Don’t forget to use Probiotics
87. Recondition the colonic ph
88. For greater effectiveness, change your view on detoxification
89. Find a diet that works for you
90. Use meditation to move along the detoxification process
91. Detoxify your liver to revitalize your body
92. Detoxify logically
93. Look for completely organic supplements whenever they are available –
94. Avoid grapefruit during detoxification
95. Realize that detoxification is a controversial procedure
96. Consider a reduced sugar intake during and after detoxification
97. Reduce your salt intake
98. Have faith in your body
99. Consider detoxification patches
100. Be on the lookout for Chitosan
101. Watch for signs of Mercury intoxication

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