Table of Contents

  • Introduction06
  • Chapter 1: Toxins and You09
  • Where are Toxins Found?09
  • Toxins in food10
  • Toxins in water11
  • Toxins in air12
  • Toxins in soil13
  • Toxins in synthetic materials13
  • Toxins in Self-Care Products14
  • Fat and Toxins: A Deadly Connection14
  • Chapter 2: Why Detox with Red Tea?16
  • Understanding the Body’s Detoxification System18
  • How Red Tea Supports Detox18
  • 6 Awesome Reasons that make the Red Tea Detox so powerful19
  • Chapter 3: Rapid Detox and Weight Loss: Not Impossible22
  • What Can I Achieve During the Red Tea Detox?23

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