• The #1 secret to whiter teeth in 10 days or less without paying for expensive treatments!
  • How you can use $5 household product to safely whiten your teeth in a few short hours!
  • Find out why so many home tooth whitening kits fail (read this first, so you don’t waste another penny!)
  • How a simple oxidation process can whiten your teeth by up to 4 shades lighter!
  • How to instantly improve the color of your teeth by using healthy fruits! (you won’t believe the results you’ll get!)

Table of Contents

  • Secrets of Whiter Teeth1
  • Table of Contents2
  • Getting Whiter Teeth3
  • Toothpaste4
  • Commercial Home Whitening Kits5
  • In-Office Whitening6
  • Bleaching8
  • Risks Associated with Teeth Whitening10
  • Keeping Teeth White11

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