Table of Contents

  • Introduction4
  • First, A Quick Lesson On Hair Loss4
  • #1- No Wind-Down At The End Of The Day6
  • When There Is No Time To Take R&R8
  • #2- Fooling Yourself That A Night Of Partying Is R&R9
  • #3- Non-Ph Balanced Hair Care Makes A Hair Killing Scalp Environment11
  • #4- Relying On A Multi-Vitamin For Your Nutrients12
  • #5- Too Many Doctors = The Opposite Of Treatment14
  • #6- Always Dining Out Is Changing How You Eat16
  • #7- Not Saying “No” At Work Is Saying “Yes” To Hair Loss20
  • #8- A Polluted Environment Means A Polluted Head21
  • #9- Non-Stop Staring In The Mirror Obsessing About Hair Loss23
  • #10- Not Being Proactive And Putting A Stop To The Problem Once And For All25

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