Table of Contents

  • What is Skin?3
  • Skin Types: Dry Skin5
  • Skin Types: Oily Skin6
  • Skin Types: Combination Skin7
  • Skin Aging and Wrinkles8
  • Rosacea9
  • Cellulite10
  • Eczema: What Is It?11
  • Forms of Eczema12
  • Psoriasis14
  • Natural Ingredients or Synthetic: Which are Better for Your Skin?15
  • An Introduction to Sun Protection16
  • Tanning and Burning17
  • Sun Protection Factor18
  • Tips for Providing Maximum Sun Protection19
  • Winter Versus Summer Skin Care20
  • Women’s Skin Care21
  • Sensitive Skin Care22
  • Men’s Skin Care23
  • Baby Skin Care25

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