Table of Contents

  • Three Habits to Break3
  • Bad Habit #1: Shaving Dry3
  • Bad Habit #2: Ignoring Incidental Sun Exposure3
  • Bad Habit #3: Avoiding Exfoliation4
  • Nine Habits to Maintain4
  • Good Habit #1: Avoid Too Much Cosmeceuticals4
  • Good Habit #2: Consider a Healthy Exercise4
  • Good Habit #3: Intimate with the Phone? Don’t Be!5
  • Good Habit #4: Examine Your Birthday Suit for Spots5
  • Good Habit #5: Eat Healthy Foods5
  • Good Habit #6: Avoid Wearing Your Makeup to Bed at Night5
  • Good Habit #7: Hands off Those Zits6
  • Good Habit #8: Rest and Get Enough Sleep6
  • Good Habit #9: Drink Plenty of Water6

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