Topics Covered:

Avoid Dermabrasion Disasters – Questions to Ask Your Doctor Pre-Surgery
Botox Basics – What is It and How Does It Work?
By Way of the Laser – What Can Lasers Do for Cosmetic Surgery?
Cosmetic Tattoo Surgery – Why Bother?
Erasing Scars with Cosmetic Surgery
Inject a Little Mesotherapy in your Life
Getting a Fat Transfer at the Cosmetic Body Bank
Saving Face – Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures for Your Face
The Hair Up There – Do Hair Transplants Really Work?
Weathering Your Veins – The Latest in Cosmetic Surgery Treatments
Liposuction After Pregnancy -What the Surgery Does for Moms
Liposuction Let Down – Who Makes a Bad Candidate for It?
Don’t Pack Your Saddle Bags – Let Cosmetic Surgery Help

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