Are You Striving To Look And Feel Youthful? Wish You Could Add 20 Years To Your Life?

Discover the Secrets to a Longer, Healthier Life With This Fantastic Anti-Aging Resource

You might be feeling and looking great now, but have you ever thought about what you’ll feel and look like several years from now? Have you ever considered that the choices you make today directly influence how well you age?

If you’re intrigued, “Anti-Aging Treatments and Top Spas in the World” is sure to satisfy your appetite for knowledge. You’ll learn exactly what you can do to ward off aging and keep looking and feeling good for longer!

The Earlier You Start Taking Preventative Aging Measures, The Better Results You’ll Get!

You may think you’re taking good care of yourself, but there’s a possibility how you’re treating your body is causing damage that will show itself years from now in the form of wrinkles and bodily wear and tear.

This e-book will show you:

  • The foods to avoid to prevent aging
  • How to create a balanced diet that promotes youthfulness
  • Exercise tips to keep fit and flexible
  • Stress relievers to get rid of those worry lines
  • The skin treatments to literally rid yourself of the years
  • The top spa resorts in the world


  • Bonus information on some of the latest trends in skin care!

For less than the price of a decent dinner out you’ll find out how to wipe the years from your face and keep your body in shape and healthy. Plus, you’ll discover where to go to bask in the luxury of anti-aging treatments.

Prepare Yourself For Your Next Spa Getaway!

But that’s not all!

If you act now, you’ll learn how you can maintain a healthy body and healthy mind. You heard me correctly! Everything you need to start down the path to aging prevention and restoration is included in the e-book. After all, true anti-aging is not just skin deep.

A healthy self leads to a more youthful looking self. That’s what we all want, right? So why not act now and press the order button below!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction4
  • Chapter 1 – Preventing the Aging Process5
  • Chapter 2 – Delaying Aging With Diet6
  • Foods To Avoid6
  • Promoting Anti-Aging With Food7
  • Vitamin E7
  • Antioxidants8
  • Whole Grains8
  • Vitamin C8
  • Dietary Fiber8
  • Calcium8
  • Soy9
  • Specific Anti-Aging Food Choices9
  • Chapter 3 – Delaying Aging With Exercise11
  • The Beginnings11
  • Cardiovascular Exercises12
  • Power Walking12
  • Swimming12
  • Biking13
  • Cardio Workout Machines13
  • Aerobics13
  • Dancing13
  • Running14
  • Strength Exercises14
  • Bicep Curls15
  • Crunches15
  • Leg Lifts15
  • Push ups16
  • Pilates16
  • Tricep Curls16
  • Kick Backs16
  • Arm Raises17
  • Chapter 4 – Delaying Aging With Stress Reduction18
  • How To Reduce Your Stress Level19
  • Deep Breathing19
  • Meditation19
  • Yoga20
  • Exercise20
  • A Companion Animal20
  • Taking Part in a Hobby21
  • Making “Me” Time21
  • Tai Chi21
  • Aromatherapy21
  • Massage21
  • Sex22
  • Chapter 5 – The Best Anti-Aging Skin Treatments23
  • SPF 3523
  • Face Masks23
  • Moisturizers24
  • Soy24
  • Vitamin C24
  • Vitamin D24
  • Royal Jelly24
  • Retin-A25
  • Chemical Peels25
  • Microdermabrasion25
  • Dermabrasion26
  • Chapter 6 – Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Procedures27
  • Botox27
  • Restylane27
  • Radiance27
  • Juvederm27
  • Thermage28
  • Intense Pulsed Light PhotoFacials28
  • Laser MicroPeels28
  • Chapter 7 – Surgical Anti-Aging Procedures29
  • Face Lift29
  • Brow Lift29
  • Eye Lift29
  • Chapter 8 – So, Where Can I Get These Treatments?30
  • Golden Door Spa30
  • Lake Austin Spa Resort30
  • One & Only Palmilla31
  • Las Brisas31
  • Four Seasons Resort Hualalai31
  • Villa d’Este32
  • The Ritz32
  • Pinehurst Resort32

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