This book is a short, but in depth explantation on the laws of success which the author states is really the law of harmonious attraction. Under this law, things come to us because they want to come and not because we make them come; they remain with us because they want to do so.

This is a brilliant manual that explains in simple terms how the laws of Harmonious attraction can and do work. Throughout the book I was amazed at how timeless the message is and how prescient the author’s insights and intuition was for the time. But then, upon saying that, all the great philosophers from Buddha to Jesus and down through the ages have been preaching the exact same thing.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 – What is success?9
  • Chapter 214
  • Chapter 321
  • Chapter 424
  • Chapter 529
  • Chapter 632
  • Chapter 736
  • Chapter 839
  • Chapter 943
  • Chapter 1046
  • Chapter 1150
  • Chapter 1256
  • Chapter 1361
  • Chapter 1466
  • Chapter 1570

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