In Eight Pillars of Prosperity, he reveals the exact qualities upon which we must meditate in order to achieve lasting success.

These Eight Pillars (energy, efficiency, integrity, organization, sympathy, sincerity, impartiality, and self-reliance) are the principles necessary for achieving success and each will clearly show that they have and will stand the test of time.

In this famous classic, Allen distilled the essence of messages on wisdom, success and prosperity handed down from one generation to the next for thousands of years.

“The Eight Pillars of Prosperity” examines key principles which can make or break a person, regardless of the era in which they live.

Allen reminds us that building a temple of prosperity doesn’t happen overnight. He clearly explains that laying the groundwork for a lifetime of achievement takes time and effort to construct. The way to incorporate the Eight Pillars into your life is through your thoughts, your conduct, and your life according to these fixed principles, consulting them in every difficulty, making every detail serve them, and above all, never deserting them under any circumstance to gain some personal advantage or to save some personal trouble.

Few readers of this book would ever doubt the reality of James Allen’s principled messages on seeking prosperity. Yet many will read the book, be inspired but never advance their personal opportunity for achievement.

A “book of virtues” for adults, Eight Pillars of Prosperity distills the wisdom of the ages in one essential volume.
“You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” -James Allen

“It is true that comparatively few successful men practice, in their entirety and perfection, all these eight principles, but there are those who do, and they are the leaders, teachers, and guides of men, the supports of human society, and the strong pioneers in the vanguard of human evolution.” -James Allen

Table of Contents

  • Chapter ONE – Eight pillars 5
  • Chapter TWO – First pillar – Energy 13
  • Chapter THREE – Second pillar – Economy 23
  • Chapter FOUR – Third pillar – Integrity 36
  • Chapter FIVE – Fourth pillar – System 45
  • Chapter SIX – Fifth pillar – Sympathy 55
  • Chapter SEVEN – Sixth pillar – Sincerity 66
  • Chapter EIGHT – Seventh pillar – Impartiality 75
  • Chapter NINE – Eighth pillar – Self-reliance 85
  • Chapter TEN – The temple of prosperity 94

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