Table of Contents

  • A Brief History of the Guitar3
  • Guitars Across the Musical Spectrum4
  • Vibrations and Sound, How Guitars Work6
  • Guitars From Every Angle – Outside7
  • Guitars From Every Angle – Inside8
  • Different Types for Different Styles9
  • Woods For Tone and Beauty10
  • Strings, Music Makers11
  • Gibson, Guitar Champion13
  • Fender, Mind-Bending Superiority14
  • Pickups, What They Are and What They Do15
  • Vintage Guitars, Still Going Strong16
  • How To Pick An Amp17
  • How To Read Guitar Reviews18
  • Playing Guitar – Getting Started19
  • Playing Guitar – Finger Exercises To Suit Your Style20
  • Playing Guitar – Building Speed With External Aids21
  • Playing Guitar – Potential Medical Problems, and How To Deal with Them22

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