Imagine yourself playing the guitar, strumming the chords to one of your favorite songs, and really connecting with the music. Finally breaking through and experiencing success on the guitar is very rewarding.

Now you have this great opportunity!

Learn How to Play Guitar In Just 7 Days!

Start Playing and Singing Your Favorite Songs on the Guitar, Learn Songs Faster and More Efficiently, and Improve Your Guitar Skills 100% in Just One Weekend!

Very basics of your guitar, tuning, posture, how to hold your pick, exercises, notation, tablature, scales, beginning theory, chords, strumming, and some really simple songs you can rock to!

Playing the guitar is an enriching experience with many rewards along the way!

  • Get started playing guitar with this detailed guitar chord and scale book.
  • This book will show you how to play Major, Minor, and Seventh guitar chords.
  • Each chord is shown at three different positions on the guitar neck, for a total of 108 chords.
  • A chord explanation chart is provided.
  • Next there are diagrams for 42 popular guitar scales including Major, Pentatonic Major, Blues Major, Minor, Pentatonic Minor, and Blues Minor scales.
  • Scale study is essential for improvising, soloing and composing.
  • Last but not least this book will show you some very common strumming patterns.
  • The book contains 47 pages.

Table of Contents

  • Explanation of Chord Diagrams3
  • Major Chords4
  • Minor Chords10
  • Seventh Chords16
  • Common Guitar Scales22
  • Explanation of Strumming Patterns43
  • Basic Strumming Patterns44
  • Mixed Strumming Patterns49

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