Preview of the Famous Fat Decimator System

Table of Contents

  • Losing Weight Fast05
  • How Does the Fat Decimator System Work?07
  • Summary of Information:09
  • Why Should You Use This Diet?10
  • Why a 3 Week Diet?11
  • Creating a Habit in 21 Days12
  • Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss13
  • Nutrients16
  • Protein, Fat, Carbs17
  • The Food Pyramid and Why We’re All Fat21
  • Fiber23
  • Metabolism24
  • How We Get Fat27
  • Control Your Weight Forever By Controlling Your Blood Sugar28
  • Triglycerides30
  • How to Shed the Pounds32
  • Overview of the Diet33
  • How Often Should I Eat?34
  • Water35
  • Dieting Essentials36
  • EFAs – Essential Fatty Acids37
  • Whey Protein39
  • CLA40
  • Leucine41
  • Daily Energy42
  • Fat Burner (Optional)43

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